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Observation From The Field: Winter Roofing Observation Turn Intervention

Benchmark Service: Construction Phase Services

Issue: During the initial site visit for part-time observation services, the benchmark field consultant observed a concerning situation. After recent adverse weather conditions, the roofing crew was seen installing insulation over ice. Despite their best efforts to remove the ice beforehand, their improvised methods were causing more harm than good, damaging the insulation and not fully removing and drying the roof.

Solution: As experts in quality control, we stepped in immediately, halting work and instructing the crew to dismantle the compromised work (approximately 80 to 100 squares). Upon doing so, we discovered several other issues from significant gaps in the insulation, wet and/or damaged insulation, loose fasteners, poorly welded plates, and missing induction welds. After tear-off, the crew then properly installed 38 squares, facilitating the correct installation of a roofing system over a prepared, dry area.

Possible Impact: Without Benchmark's intervention, these issues may have gone undetected. If the initial installation had proceeded, the underlying ice and snow would eventually have melted, causing leakage and trapping moisture within the insulation. By identifying and rectifying these issues early, we've ensured a high-quality finish, preventing potential future problems.

Ice under insulation sm Damaged Wet Insulation installed over ice sm


   Insulation installed over snow and ice. Wet and damaged insulation revealed by tear-off.

Gaps in insulation and installed over ice sm

     Gaps in insulation and installed over ice.

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