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About us siteman mainRoof and pavement management program. Knowing when and how to maintain, repair or replace roof and pavement systems — and being able to budget for them — is what proactive asset management is all about. As the number, types and ages of the roof and pavement assets under your care increase, the challenge to manage these assets becomes more difficult.

Prioritize roof and pavement needs. The SITEMAN® database enables clients to maintain more complete files, anticipate improvements, and track roof and pavement performance. SITEMAN® is particularly beneficial for large and multi-site operations. It provides data management and reporting for entire facilities, individual buildings and specific roof or pavement sections.  Detailed information is provided at the section level.

SITEMAN® gives you the power to save time and money on all of your roof and pavement assets.

SITEMAN® is designed to:

  • Identify facilities and organize and consolidate detailed roof and pavement information in a secure, internet-accessible database
  • Provide an analysis of roof and pavement assets with short and long-term recommendations
  • Prioritize roofs and pavements by condition
  • Easily store, update and retrieve information
  • Create five-year budget projections for preventive maintenance, repair, and replacement recommendations
  • Store and track warranty information
  • Provide detailed roof and pavement plans with maintenance and repair requirements and locations
  • Track roof and pavement maintenance and repairs