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Benchmark pavement consulting

Proven history. Benchmark’s pavement history goes back to 1987, when Paul Schmidt started Pavement Consulting Inc., a unique consulting company that specialized in facility pavements. At that time, the school of thought was, “it’s just a parking lot,” or the assumption was made that, “if you design it like a road, it will work.” Paul knew better, and it didn’t take long before facility managers began to realize the benefits of getting objective site evaluations, site-specific design and efficiently managed projects.

In 2004, Benchmark merged with Pavement Consulting Inc., to provide clients with both pavement and roof consulting services.  Since this date, our consultants continuously strive to (in the words of Paul Schmidt), “blend the art of construction with the science of engineering.”

Specialized expertise. The experts at Benchmark find the potholes in your pavement management program and provide solutions that stand up to heavy traffic, environmental conditions and years of use.  Our experienced staff of pavement consultants, including three Professional Engineers (PE), provide clients with objective information and operate as an extension of your staff.