roof and pavement consultants


AutoCad pavement drawing is part of Benchmark's pavement design services. Keeping your project’s unique requirements in mind. Benchmark’s pavement design services help you determine the best paving solution from the many available options. We look at traffic, climate and other design criteria to maximize the performance of your pavement while being mindful of cost.

After choosing the right system, we get to work developing detailed construction documents to bring your project to life. Our specifications and drawings establish the technical requirements for the construction phase of the project. These requirements provide direction to the installing contractor and establish a level of quality that can be measured and tracked for compliance during execution of the project.

From the smallest details. We’ll help you qualify contractors, secure accurate and competitive pricing, and select quality materials to get the job done right.

Design & Bid Services

  • Analyze pavement design criteria and options
  • Develop detailed, site-specific plans and specifications
  • Prepare bid documents
  • Qualify paving contractors
  • Conduct pre-bid meetings
  • Evaluate bids and recommend award of contract