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Observation From The Field: Missing Key Component

Benchmark Service: Construction Phase Services

Issue: During a routine construction observation, our Benchmark field consultant discovered an issue - the Contractor had proceeded with the installation of the adhered KEE membrane without installing the DensDeck cover board. This significant component was overlooked when Benchmark was off-site.

Solution: We took immediate action. The Contractor was guided to remove the membrane, invert and reattach the polyisocyanurate to avoid any potential damage. Following that, the required DensDeck cover board was installed in bead adhesive, as specified, and adhered the new KEE membrane.

Possible Impact: Had this not been discovered and fixed, the durability of the roof system and its expected service life would have been severely compromised. Ensuring specification compliance and proper component installation not only leads to successful project completion but also imparts peace of mind to the building owners, knowing that their investment is secure and well-constructed.

KEE membrane installed without coverboard

Adhering back of KEE membrane

KEE membrane installed without cover board. Inverting and re-adhering polyiso insulation.

DensDeck Coverboard installed and weighted

DensDeck cover board was installed and weighted down to ensure good adhesion.

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