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Observation From The Field: Misdiagnosed Replacement

Benchmark Service: Roof Evaluation

Issue: Based on recommendations by another company, a school district planned for the tear-off and replacement of a roof section that was approximately 15 years old.  The roof section had a history of roof leaks.

Solution: Benchmark performed a roof evaluation and an infrared moisture scan to verify suspected wet insulation within the roof system.  The evaluation revealed that the roof system had minimal wet insulation and that most of the past leaks were related to window and wall defects.  Had the roof been replaced, water would have continued to enter the facility through walls and windows.

Possible Impact: The school district would have spent approximately $500,000 to replace a roof that only required repairs and spot replacement where wet insulation was found without resolving the issues resulting in water entry.  By completing a roof evaluation and infrared moisture scan, the real source of water entry was identified, appropriate repairs were made to the walls and windows, and the school district saved over $400,000.

Infrared showing dry roof system.


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