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Observations From The Field: Full-time Observation Prevents Contractor Short Cuts

Benchmark Service: Construction Phase Services

Issue: The morning following a rain day, the Contractor’s foreman was not expecting Benchmark to be on site for observation. The Benchmark Field Consultant arrived and observed the crew installing wet insulation over a corroded and damaged steel deck. The insulation was improperly staggered and the deck flutes had not been cleaned prior to laying the insulation.

Solution: Benchmark asked the foreman why his crew was installing wet insulation and he admitted they were trying to get rid of it. Upon learning this, Benchmark reminded the foreman of good roofing practices, stressing the importance of installing only quality materials that had been properly stored. The crew supervisor was contacted and later visited the project site to ensure all wet insulation was removed. Likewise, all damaged decking was addressed, either repaired and/or replaced, and ultimately dry insulation was properly installed.

Possible Impact: Had wet insulation remained in place, the steel deck would have continued to corrode, creating a potentially unsafe condition on the roof and over the interior space below. In addition, areas with bad deck and wet insulation could be at a greater risk for advanced deterioration and damage from wind events. Further, through the proper (staggered) installation of insulation boards, the roof system will reduce thermal bridging gaps and drastically reduce losses at the seam joints.

Corroded and dirty deck being installed upon without cleaning and repair. Wet insulation being stalled.


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