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Roof evaluation mainProtect your roof and everything underneath it. Comprehensive roof evaluations identify improvements to reduce long-term roofing expenditures and increase your roof’s service life.

Comprehensive review. Benchmark examines the existing roof system to identify the cause of defects, the extent of damage and the potential impact on future roof performance. Before recommending roof replacement, we consider practical options to extend asset life through repairs and maintenance. You receive a meticulously prepared report that outlines your roof’s history, composition and condition — illustrated by detailed roof plans and photographs. The completed report and associated information equips you with the information needed to make sound business decisions.


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Evaluation Services

  • Identify client goals
  • Review historical information
  • Assess conditions, identify deficiencies, and determine causes
  • Perform moisture survey
  • Document conditions with photos
  • Provide maintenance/repair/replacement recommendations
  • Prioritize needs, and develop five-year budget and management plan
  • Create detailed roof drawings (See sample PDF)
  • Post information via Benchmark’s interactive online SITEMAN® database