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Observation From The Field: Proper Securement at the Perimeter Edge

Benchmark Service: Construction Phase Services

Issue: In order to accommodate the height of the new roof system and provide a solid edge for termination of the roof membrane, additional lumber needed to be added to the existing perimeter edge. The Contractor began to install the new lumber over the existing, without properly reattaching/securing the existing lumber, as specified.

Solution: Benchmark instructed the Contractor to remove the previously installed additional lumber from the perimeter edge, fasten the existing nailer as specified, then reinstall the new lumber over the secured existing nailer.

Possible Impact: The perimeter edge is one of the most common points of failure during wind events for roof systems.  Perimeter attachment of the roof membrane and the roof’s overall wind uplift resistance relies on the connection of the lumber to the building structure.  Without securing the base layer of lumber to the structure, the edge securement of the new roof system would have been susceptible to failure during a high wind event, which could result in roof blow-off.

Crew member securing the existing wood nailer as specified before adding the additional wood nailers.


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