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Observation From The Field: Rotted Wood Nailer

Benchmark Service: Construction Phase Services

Issue: New wood nailers were being installed on top of existing rotted wood nailers at the perimeter roof edge.  The perimeter edge is subjected to significantly greater wind uplift forces than the field of the roof. This makes proper design and attachment of the perimeter edge extremely important to the long-term performance of the roof.

Solution: Benchmark reviewed the specification with the Contractor and directed them to remove and replace all rotted nailers per the specification, prior to installing new nailers.

Possible Impact: Errors with perimeter roof edge details are a fairly common occurrence.  If the roof edge details are not securely fastened, the wind uplift rating will be compromised, resulting in the potential for catastrophic damage to the roof and interior contents during severe wind events.

New wood nailer installed over rotted nailer.


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