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Observation From The Field: Preventing Interior Damage

Benchmark Service: Construction Phase Services

Issue: Removal of the existing roof system revealed gaps measuring from 1/8″ to 3/4″ wide at the deck joints in the concrete double T-panels. Due to active production on the interior and the lack of installed interior protection, debris entry was a concern.

Solution: Benchmark met with the client and contractor to discuss the condition and a strategy to address the risk of falling debris was agreed upon. The contractor was to cut the existing vapor retarder, leaving strips in place over the deck openings. Once the majority of the system was removed, the strips were carefully removed and replaced with new self-adhering vapor retarder prior to applying primer for the full application of the new vapor retarder, thus preventing primer from dripping onto the production area below.

Possible Impact: Falling debris or roofing materials are ideally addressed through the installation of interior protection over sensitive areas. In this case, the condition was unforeseen and would have negatively impacted the client’s budget for the project. By thinking creatively and working in cooperation with all parties, a solution was devised that prevented the risk of damaged equipment, product, or costly production shutdowns, while preserving the client’s budget.

Roofing system removed, leaving strips over gaps in T-panels. Strips of self-adhering vapor retarder installed over the gaps prior to primer application.

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