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Observation From The Field: Safety – Shock and Fire Risk

Benchmark Service: Construction Phase Services

Issue: Immediately following a contractor’s safety walk-through, Benchmark’s on-site consultant documented 10 frayed extension cords and several fire extinguishers without the appropriate safety pins.

Solution: The Contractor was notified of the possible risks associated with these conditions and corrective actions were taken to replace or fix the issues.

Possible Impact: The cost to replace or fix deficiencies to fire extinguishers and extension cords was approximately $700.  Even though the potential for electrical shock or fire may have been low in this situation, the risk of damage and loss if an electrical shock or fire occurred would have been significant.  Addressing these deficiencies not only reduced the risk to the Contractor and Client on this project, but on future projects using this same equipment as well.

Improper extension cord and support. Fire extinguisher missing safety pull pin.


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