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Observations From The Field: Expired Adhesive

Benchmark Service: Construction Phase Services

Issue: During a project start up, a Benchmark consultant was taking inventory of the material lot numbers for the adhesive that was delivered prior to arriving on site. The Benchmark consultant identified a date stamped on the adhesive cans was from several years prior.

Solution: The Benchmark consultant requested the contractor provide the Bill of Lading to verify the age of the adhesive, and that the adhesive was not expired. The contractor was unable to provide this information. As a result, the manufacturer required the contractor to remove all expired material from the roof, and replace with new material.

Possible Impact: If the Benchmark consultant had not provided on-site construction observation, the roof would have been installed with adhesive close to four years past its expiration date, and possibly jeopardize the quality of the finished roof.

Containers of outdated product.  


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