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Observations From The Field: Quality Control and Specification Compliance

Benchmark Service: Construction Phase Services

Issue: While performing roof installation observation, the Benchmark Field Consultant observed numerous issues with the quality of the workmanship of the roofing contractor. Fasteners for the induction weld system were not properly installed, loose fasteners, large gaps between the joints of the insulation, and the vapor barrier was improperly installed, with seams not sealed and the vapor barrier did not extend up the walls or curbs as required.

Solution: General contractor was notified and the roofing contractor was asked to remove the 200 squares installed. A meeting was held to ensure that the roofing contractor would follow all details required from the architect and manufacturer.

Possible Impact: These deficiencies, had they not been corrected, would have resulted in multiple issues with the roof system installation. Fasteners must be placed in a proper grid pattern to ensure the system will achieve the designed uplift resistance. Improper installation will cause greater stress and increased load on some or all of the induction weld fasteners. Gaps in the insulation will not provide the proper R-value required causing possible condensation. Improperly sealed laps in the vapor retarder will not prevent any vapor drive into the new insulation. Loose fasteners will tent and cause damage to the new roof membrane. Without intervention by Benchmark, the Client may have been left with an unwarrantable roof requiring persistent repairs.

Unsealed vapor barrier seams. Gaps between insulation boards.


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