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Observation From The Field: Final Inspection Reveals Deficiencies

Benchmark Service: Construction Phase Services

Issue: The Contractor failed to properly probe membrane lap seams as required according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Multiple seam deficiencies were found during random seam probing, as part of a final roof inspection.

Solution: A final inspection, performed by an impartial third party, revealed many seam deficiencies. The contractor accomplished the required corrections by thoroughly probing all lap seams and repairing/patching deficiencies as needed.

Possible Impact: Lap seam voids and other deficiencies cannot be located without proper seam probing and inspection. Lap seam voids will allow moisture into the roof system, potentially saturating the roof insulation, corroding the roof deck, and damaging interior components and contents. These types of damages can occur and compound for an extended period of time before being discovered.

Open seam identified. Open seam deficiencies identified during final inspection marked on the roof.


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