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Observations From The Field: Paying Attention to Details

Benchmark Service: Construction Phase Services

Issue: While performing construction observation at a vacation villa, Benchmark noted a vent stack had not been restored on a recently completed roof section. Previously the vent stack for the gas water heater penetrated the roof. After roof installation, the vent stack was missing. Benchmark investigated the interior to locate the vent and found that the stack had fallen through the decking into the utility room. Upon further inspection, Benchmark discovered a second utility room with another non-functioning vent stack.

Solution: The contractor removed the new roof, insulation and the wooden deck, reinstalled the hot stacks and new decking, roofing and flashing.

Possible Impact: If Benchmark had not noticed that the first hot stack was not extending through the roof deck as it was designed to be, gas fumes from the hot water heaters would have been trapped in the utility rooms of the villas. This condition could have had deadly ramifications to the patrons of the property, as well as liability issues for the owner.

Vent stack disconnected and resting on the hot water heater inside a utility room. Area where the vent stack opening has been covered with the new roof system.


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