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Observation From The Field: Quality Installation Starts With A Quality Installer

Benchmark Service: Construction Phase Services

Issue: A building owner selected an unqualified single-ply membrane roofing contractor with poor roofing practices to install the roof on a new high-end apartment building complex. Benchmark was hired to perform three interim site visits, document the conditions at each visit in a report, and return to perform a final inspection. Benchmark marked deficiencies for the contractor to correct at each visit. Upon the final inspection, the project failed to meet acceptance. The roofers did not take the direction to quality check their work after it was noted several times in the conditions report. They also did not pay attention to wording such as “typical” to describe reoccurring deficiencies.

Solution: Verify that your selected roofing contractor is approved by the manufacturer and/or certified by the NRCA to install the roof system being specified, has a reputation of quality workmanship, and adheres to good roofing practices. Additionally, hiring an unbiased consulting firm such as Benchmark on a full time basis to monitor the work as it is performed will ensure a quality project.

Possible Impact: Without doing the due diligence of contractor verification and providing project oversight, building owners run the risk of a low quality roof installation with ongoing maintenance issues, repairs, early failure, and added expense. Additionally, the Manufacturer may deem the roof unwarrantable.

Unknown substance spilled on new roof membrane and into the drains. Unknown substance spilled on new roof membrane and into the drains.


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