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Synergize Early: Transforming Commercial Roofing Through Collaboration

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In the context of commercial roofing, the necessity for a cross-disciplinary strategy is often overlooked. This presentation introduces a paradigm shift in how roofing projects are approached, prioritized, and implemented by advocating for early synergy of key stakeholders – owners, facility managers, engineers, and insurers, working cohesively with consultants, contractors, and manufacturers.
Moving away from traditional tactics-first approaches, Ron Harriman promotes an objective-led framework designed to preserve the integrity and extend the lifespan of roofing systems. Learn how TRUST is a key factor!
Key Takeaways:
  • Importance of Early Collaboration: Engaging key stakeholders early in the roofing project can enhance decision-making and project outcomes.
  • Objective-Led Framework Over Tactics-First: Focusing on proactive measures, rather than just reactive fixes.
  • Cost Reduction Through Strategic Approaches: The emphasis on strategic planning can help to minimize the need for extensive, costly roof replacements and repairs.
  • A Case Study and Best Practices: Analyzing a real-world case study and valuable insights from industry best practices that can be applied to projects.
  • Trust: Learn how trust factors into the equation.
The Presenter
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Ron Harriman

President, CEO, and Senior Consultant

Ron Harriman has been involved in the roofing industry since 1984 and has participated in numerous industry focus groups for new product development, equipment development, installation techniques, and best practices. 

A practitioner at heart, he joined the DC Taylor Co. as a crewman and eventually took on roles including foreman, draftsman estimator, project manager, sales representative, and ultimately national sales manager of this national roof contracting company. 

In 1992, he joined Benchmark (then known as Taylor Associates), playing a key role in its acquisition and rebranding in 1994.

Ron has had the opportunity to service an impressive list of multi-facility clients located throughout North America and beyond for various industries such as retail, health care, manufacturing, distribution, school districts, colleges and universities.

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