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Roof System Selection

Factors to Consider

Every facility is unique, requiring careful consideration and a tailored approach to selecting a roof system. That's why we've designed our Roof System Selection Guide to help you compare attributes and determine which are most important to your facility.

Make an Informed Decision

Before selecting a particular roof system, you need to determine what specific criteria or unique conditions apply to your particular roof. This assessment should cover building code requirements, energy code adherence, fire, hail, and wind resistance, structural factors, drainage, insurance stipulations (FM Global or Global Risk Consultants), aesthetics, rooftop equipment (mechanical, electrical, solar, etc.), roof access and maintenance, facility-specific requirements, budget, and various other considerations – several are covered in this guide.

Understanding the criteria and factors that will cause the roof system to deteriorate will allow you to weigh the pros and cons of various systems to determine which selection is most appropriate, most “durable,” and the “best” option for your facility.

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