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Synergize Early - Webinar Recording

Ron Harriman introduces a transformative approach to roofing projects, emphasizing the importance of early collaboration among key stakeholders. By fostering synergy between owners, facility managers, engineers, and insurers, alongside consultants, contractors, and manufacturers, you can streamline project prioritization and implementation. This method ensures that all parties are aligned from the outset, enhancing efficiency and delivering superior outcomes.

In the "Synergize Early" webinar, Ron Harriman emphasized the transformative power of early collaboration in commercial roofing projects. He illustrated how initiating teamwork from the outset can lead to more efficient project execution, higher quality outcomes, and cost savings. By fostering open dialogue and leveraging collective expertise, attendees were encouraged to rethink their approaches to project management, considering the benefits of integrated efforts right from the planning stages.

Throughout the session, Harriman shared real-life situations, demonstrating the tangible benefits of collaboration. One notable case study highlighted a large-scale industrial roofing project where early collaboration led to a 15% reduction in project timeline and a 10% cost savings. He provided examples of common pitfalls and how they were avoided through proactive teamwork and communication.

Ron also delved into the critical role of trust in early collaboration. He noted that building trust among stakeholders is foundational to the success of any roofing project. Harriman emphasized that trust fosters open communication, encourages transparency, and reduces conflicts. By cultivating a trusting environment, project teams are more likely to share vital information and cooperate effectively, ultimately leading to more innovative solutions and better project outcomes.

The session wrapped up with Harriman encouraging participants to take the first step towards synergy by identifying potential collaborators and initiating early conversations well before project commencement. This proactive approach, he affirmed, could revolutionize their project outcomes and drive industry standards to new heights.

Key Learnings

  • Importance of Early Collaboration: How engaging stakeholders early in the roofing project can help with decision-making and overall project outcomes.
  • Objective-Led Over Tactics-First: Focusing on proactive measures.
  • Cost Reduction Through Strategic Approaches: The emphasis on strategic planning can help to minimize the need for extensive, costly roof replacements and repairs.
  • Trust: Learn how trust is a key factor to the project equation.



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