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Roof System Selection - Webinar Recording

Selecting an appropriate roofing system is paramount to ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of any building or facility. This decision becomes even more critical when considering environments such as healthcare, food processing/manufacturing, and storage facilities, where the integrity and functionality of the roofing system can significantly impact the daily operations and safety standards.

Making an informed choice necessitates a deep understanding of the available roofing systems, materials, and technologies. It involves evaluating the long-term benefits and potential limitations of each option. Durability, maintenance needs, installation costs, and the roofing system's impact on the overall building's energy consumption are crucial factors to consider.

The goal is to select a roofing system that not only meets the immediate structural and operational requirements but also aligns with the organization's objectives.

In this webinar, Jennifer and James provide a deeper understanding of how to distill specific roof system criteria ranging from resistance to elements such as ponding water, chemicals, and hail, to mechanical considerations like puncture and wind resistance.

Key Learnings

  • Overview of roof systems and their attributes.
  • Code Requirements

  • Evaluating the operational efficiency of each roofing option

  • Aligning roofing system selections with corporate goals and financial strategies, ensuring the chosen solution supports organizational objectives within budgetary constraints.

  • Case Studies: Hear real-life examples



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