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Observations From The Field: Temporary Bypass Roadway

Service: Construction Management 

Issue: Site trucking operations in and out of the facility change daily.  Some deliveries are on a set schedule or a set number of times per day, and others are on an as-needed basis. To remove the existing pavement, excavate to grade, install fabric and aggregate base, final grade, set up reinforcement steel, place concrete and allow for proper cure time, each phase of work would require the docks to be closed a full week. Also, there is a two-lane entrance/exit roadway for all trucks that must be reconstructed to add to the congestion.

Solution: A temporary bypass roadway (Phase 5) was suggested to allow traffic around the weekly work zone operations.

Possible Impact: Infringement on the operations could affect the production of final products or raw products delivered. Without the bypass roadway, the project would have to have been constructed in many smaller phases; thereby, extending the project and increasing the overall client cost.

Temporary Bypass Solution for Paving Project | Benchmark, Inc.


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