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Pavement Evaluation

_MG_0889 pavement evaluationStarting at square one. A comprehensive pavement evaluation is an important first step in developing an effective management plan. Benchmark examines parking lots and roadways to determine conditions, defects and potential risks associated with damaged pavement. We also help you comply with the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) through accessibility analysis and providing practical recommendations towards achieving a barrier-free environment. Completing an objective pavement evaluation provides a foundation to prioritize funding and make cost-effective decisions.

PavementPlanAFinalEvaluation Process

  • Identify client goals
  • Review historical information
  • Assess conditions, identify deficiencies, and determine causes
  • Collect topographic and climate information
  • Document conditions with photos
  • Prioritize needs, and develop five-year budget and management plan
  • Complete detailed pavement drawings (See sample PDF)
  • Provide maintenance/repair/replacement recommendations
  • Post information via Benchmark’s interactive online SITEMAN® database


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