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The Real Value of a Commercial Roof Evaluation

A commercial roof evaluation by an independent, objective roof consultant is the first step in identifying deficiencies.

Observations From The Field: Improperly Stored Adhesive

Paying attention to manufacturer instructions when storing temperature sensitive materials.

Effective Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in Roof and Pavement Management Programs

The roof and pavement industries are increasingly adopting UAV technology as part of the process to cost-effectively manage roof and pavement assets.

Observations From The Field: Quality Control and Specification Compliance

Quality assurance provided by Benchmark project oversight prevents inferior workmanship and ensures a sound installation.

Taking Drone Technology to New Heights for Benchmark Clients

Staff Consultant and Chief Drone Pilot Ben Fiedler answers some of the most frequently asked questions about UAV technology at Benchmark and explains how it benefits Benchmark’s clients.  

Observations From The Field: Roof Replacement Deferral

Having a third-party roofing consultant like Benchmark conduct a detailed roof evaluation can determine if roof replacement is able to be deferred, reducing impact on facility operations and delaying expenditures.

Observations From The Field: Full-time Observation Prevents Contractor Short Cuts

Learn how having on-site observation was essential to prevent a contractor from installing wet insulation over a corroded and damaged steel deck.

Observations From The Field: Inadequate Welds

A comprehensive roof evaluation can identify potential causes of defects, as well as improvements to increase the roof’s service life.

Observations From The Field: Paying Attention to Details

Learn how overlooking details in roofing construction can have deadly ramifications—and potential liability issues for the owner.

Observations From The Field: Improper Design and Installation

Learn how having a third party roofing consultant like Benchmark can help reveal key design elements that could shorten the life of a commercial roof.

Commercial Roof Warranties: Installment 3 of 3

Wrapping Up: Relationships, Cost, and Planning

Benchmark, Inc. is Growing: Employees Help Replace Trees

Benchmark employees planted 57 trees to replace flora destroyed during the derecho that hit the Cedar Rapids area in August 2020.

Supply Chain Shortage Update

Special Bulletin 2021 – UPDATE

How Can Your Next Roofing Project Help Fight Smog Pollution

Smog, or air pollution, is a silent killer present across the globe. Using this sustainable roofing material your next roofing project can help fights this global killer.

2021 Webinar – Roofing Material Shortage and Pricing Volatility: A Facility Manager’s Dilemma

During this educational webinar titled, Material Shortage and Pricing Volatility: A Facility Manager’s Dilemma, you will learn about the conditions impacting the material supply chain and hear real life stories …

Rooftop Solar Webinar

Is your commercial rooftop solar ready? From modifying an existing roof to preparing for new construction, learn what you you need to know.

Labor-Saving Roofing Products

With a skilled labor shortage and roofing systems becoming more technical in nature, what can we expect in the future?


It’s important to understand the impact change in building occupancy use has on the building’s roof system and structural elements.

Why Is My Metal Roof Leaking?

Are you responsible for a problematic metal roof and are struggling with differing opinions on the cause of the problem?

Rooftop Solar. Is Your Roof Solar Ready?

Rooftop Solar Webinar Benchmark President Ron Harriman and Joe Cain of Solar Energy Industries Association discuss the growing use of rooftop solar, changes to the I-Codes, and real-world experiences in …

Professional Roofing Mechanics…How do you know?

Are the mechanics installing the materials are trained and qualified to install the specific products in your roofing assembly?

FM Global: Very Severe Hail (VSH) Update

New Product development vastly expands number of qualified assemblies

FM Global Loss Prevention Data Sheets Update

Summary of several revised roofing-related Loss Prevention Data Sheets (LPDS).

Reduce the Risk for Roof Collapse: Planning for Snow Removal

Reduce the risk of a roof collapse caused by excessive snow loads

Roof Design: The Critical First Step

Join Andrew and Ben as they discuss how roof design is the critical first step to long term roof performance.  

Roof Asset Management Town Hall

Andrew, Mike and Jennifer participate in a town hall discussion about roof asset management.

Strategies to repair and maintain roof assets during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Learn a few tips to maintain your roof assets during COVID-19

Roof Evaluations: Reduce cost, extend asset life, and manage risk

Eric and Brad discuss roof evaluations and strategies to reduce cost, extent asset life, and manage risk.

Are you at risk of missing building your projects due to COVID-19?

Eric, Andrew, and Troy discuss the impacts of COVID-19.  

2020 Benchmark, Inc. Announces Additions to Ownership Team

Three partners join the company’s ownership team.

Roofing Industry Recollections

Reflection of 42 years in the roof industry

Roof Design and Building Codes: Making the Pieces Fit

Good roof design starts with identification and evaluation of the project-specific criteria.

Is Roof Recover an Option?

Factors considered to determine the best past to restore roof.

Benchmark, Inc. Announces Additions to Ownership Team

Four partners join the company’s ownership team.

When Roofs and PV Solar Installations Collide

What strategies can be employed on roofs with solar arrays already in place, or when considering addition of PV over an existing rooftop?

The Pitfalls of “Corporate Roofing Design Standards”

Roofing Design Standards can be a good starting point, but…

Being a Healthy Organization

Healthy organizations have minimal politics and confusion, high morale and productivity, and low turnover among good employees.

Metal Roof Inspections Part I of II

When you inspect or reinspect a metal roof or investigate a roof leak to determine the source and potential solution, where do you start?

Webinar – Low Quality Asphalt: How to Avoid Problems Down the Road

Understand the components of asphalt and best practices in installation.

Hurricane Preparedness

As the 2017 hurricane season approaches, it seems appropriate to review some basic roof-related preparedness activities.

2017 Roof and Pavement Seminar: Getting Better Results

Roof and Pavement Management Seminar

Roofing Contractor or Labor Broker?

Is subcontracting of roof-related work bad or out of the ordinary? Are you experiencing more subcontracting on your roofing projects?

The Specification Process

The following article outlines the procedures Benchmark follows in developing roof specifications and bidding documents.

Benchmark’s Newest Professional Engineer

Congratulations to Andrew Reynolds, P.E.

Technical Updates: ASCE 7-16 Wind Design Standard Forthcoming

The IBC mandates that a roof’s wind uplift resistance be designed to satisfy the requirements of ASCE-7.

The Many Purposes of Taking Core Samples in Roofing

One of the first things most roofing professionals learn is how to take a core sample or core cut.

Managing Aging Roof Assets

Benchmark, Inc., was profiled by Business Day TV with Terry Bradshaw, highlighting the importance of managing aging roof assets in a school district. 

Three Steps to Roof Replacement

Design, construction and maintenance

Keeping a (Good) Roof Overhead

Undertaking the “monster project” of roofing over a working paper machine

Maximize Roof Service Life

Use lifecycle models and cost analysis to raise the ceiling on your roof’s value

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